Steam Boat “Uri” on Lake Lucerne in Weggis in Spring-Summer Video

The steam boat “Uri” is just one of the paddle steamers plying on Lake Lucerne during Summer season just like the other three (3) steam boats, namely, “Stadt Luzern”, “Gallia”, and “Schiller”.

Steam Boat “Uri” has been in operation since 1901. It has 2 decks, economy class and first class. It is 61.80 meters in length and 14.00 meters in width.

“Uri” has been renovated several times too, in 1949, 1961, 1981, and 1991-1994. When it was renovated in 1961 and 1991-1994, it was changed a little bit to what it is today.

The video clip of the Steam Boat “Uri” on Lake Lucerne in Spring-Summer was taken by Sofie Hofmann ( from the Lakeside Pavilion, Weggis, Switzerland at 3:55pm on June 03, 2010.