Steam Boat in Weggis Video

A boat ride on Lake Lucerne or Vierwaldstättersee is definitely a must if you visit Lucerne in Central Switzerland. I suggest that you reserve the whole day for a steam boat ride from Lucerne to Flüelen and from Flüelen to Lucerne. You can also opt not to ride the nostalgic steam boat on your way back to Lucerne. That way, you still have the time to visit Brunnen, Rütli, Weggis, Vitznau, and the other villages along Lake Lucerne.

Steam boats are normally only available during Summer. Make sure that the weather is nice to really enjoy the different villages, its beautiful sceneries, and the mountains surrounding Lake Lucerne or Vierwaldstättersee.

A paddle steamer or steam boat on Lake Lucerne or Vierwaldstaettersee in the area of Weggis on the way to Lucerne, Switzerland. The video clip above was taken on July 09, 2006 at 18:59 in Hertenstein, Weggis.