Steam Boat “Stadt Luzern” on Lake Lucerne in Weggis in Spring-Summer Video

The steam boat “Stadt Luzern” is another one of those paddle steamers like the steam boat “Schiller” and the steam boat “Gallia” plying on Lake Lucerne during Summer season but a little bit different from the others though. The chimney is different and it was built with a maritime touch.

Steam Boat “Stadt Luzern” has been in operation since 1928. It has 2 decks, economy class and first class. It is 63.50 meters in length and 15.20 meters in width. It is the longest, widest, and the heaviest among the passenger boats on Lake Lucerne or “Vierwaldstaettersee”.

“Stadt Luzern” has been renovated several times too, in 1954, in 1986-1989, and in 1997-2000. When the steam boat “Stadt Luzern” was restored in 1997-2000, they also used original woods that were used when “Stadt Luzern” was first built just like the steam boat “Schiller”.

Literally, “Stadt” means City and “Luzern” is Lucerne. “Stadt Luzern” is City of Lucerne or Lucerne City.

The video clips of the Steam Boat “Stadt Luzern” on Lake Lucerne in Spring-Summer were taken by Sofie Hofmann ( from the Lakeside Pavilion and the Parking Lot between Hotel Frohburg and Hotel Central, Weggis, Switzerland at 4:00pm and 4:05pm on June 01, 2010.