Seestrasse from Weggis Boat Station Photos

Seetrasse is the street along the lake in Weggis stretching from The Grape Restaurant and Rigi am See Seminar Hotel up to the crossing where Viktoria Hotel (along Rigistrasse) and Seehof du Lac Hotel (along Gotthardstrasse) are located.

The crossing that was mentioned earlier is where the streets Luzernerstrasse, Rigistrasse, Gotthardstrasse, and Seetrasse intersect.

Literally, “see” means lake and “strasse” means street.

The street “Seestrasse” in Weggis is where the big events are being held as the Weggis Lakeside Pavilion is along this street.

Big events such as the Rose Festival or “Rosenfest”, Riviera Latina Festival, Heirassa Festival are the most popular events that are being celebrated here. During these events, the particular stretch of Seetrasse shown in the pictures is normally closed for three consecutive days.

On the particular stretch of Seestrasse in the pictures which were taken only from the boat station, you will already find a lot of establishments on this area.

Among the many establishments, shops, hotels, bars, and restaurants in Weggis, Luzerner Kantonalbank, See-Café Boulevard Restaurant, Post Hotel, Weggiser Stübli (Post Hotel), The POHO Dining Lounge (Post Hotel), The POHO Lakeside Terrace (Post Hotel), Arte Bar, Weggis Tourist Information, and the Weggis Boat Station among others are located along this street.

The Alois “Heirassa” Schilliger bronze relief memorial tablet mounted on a wall can also be found on the particular stretch of Seestrasse shown in the pictures.

Photos were taken by Sofie Hofmann ( from the boat station along Seestrasse in Weggis, Switzerland on June 04, 2007.