Weggis Lido Bus Photos

One of the modes of transportation in Weggis is the Lido Bus. The Lido Bus is already part of the culture and history of Weggis. Some people in Weggis could not even imagine Weggis without the Lido Bus.

The Lido Bus was known as the “Elektrobähnli” (Electro Wagon) before and after the World War II. It used up 3500 kilowatts per hour per year until the Tourist office decided to purchase a new petrol fueled Lido Bus in 1959.

The Lido Bus had several changes and improvements along the years until it was totally overhauled and repainted in 2002 to what it looks like today. It is now one of the attractions in Weggis aside from being just a method of transportation.

One way to discover the sights and attractions of Weggis is to ride the Lido Bus but for a small amount of money. It transports passengers from Weggis boat station to Hertenstein as well as to Friedheim Hotel located along Friedheimweg.

The Lido Bus is not available in winter though. It provides a trolley-bus-service in Weggis from spring to autumn only.

Photos were taken by Sofie Hofmann (www.sofiehofmann.com) from the boat station along Seestrasse in Weggis, Switzerland on June 04, 2007.