Weggis Lakeside Pavilion in Spring-Summer Photos

The Weggis Lakeside Pavilion or the Pavilion along the lake (Pavillon am See) was officially opened on May 04-06, 2007 replacing the old small building that was built in 1909. The Pavilion along the lake has always been a popular meeting place for both locals and guests.

The Weggis Oberdorfquai where the pavilion is located is a good area to relax just sitting and lazing along the lake and at the same time enjoying the panoramic view of Lake Lucerne and the alps. People frequent this particular place especially during summer.

The Pavilion along the lake is the venue for a variety of concerts, folklore and other shows. There is an orchestra playing here on a regular basis. Big events like the Weggis Rose Festival, the Riviera-Latina Festival, and the Heirassa Festival are always being held here. These events are normally being celebrated for three consecutive days.

When I was checking these photos I was really surprised when I saw the dates I took the photos. There are two photos above which were dated June 04, 2007, one month after the new pavilion was officially opened. If you noticed the filename of the photos, there are four photos which were dated June 04, 2009.

Exactly two years after! I actually took those photos of the Lakeside Pavilion on June 04, 2009 without me realizing it that I also took some photos of the pavilion on June 04, 2007. If you noticed again, it seems like nothing has really changed since that day.

The lakeside pavilion is just a stone throw-away from the Weggis Tourist Information Office, Weggis Bus and Boat Station. There are several restaurants, hotels, and small shops around the area.

Lazing at the Pavilion along the lake or Pavillon am See in Weggis is always a delight despite having a lot of people during summer.