Rigi-Kaltbad and Weggis from Lake Lucerne Video

If you have been here before, you already probably saw the photos of Rigi-Kaltbad and Weggis from Lake Lucerne which were taken on June 04, 2009. This time I am showing you a video of Rigi-Kaltbad and Weggis from Lake Lucerne.

Rigi-Kaltbad is your first stopover if you are coming from Weggis via the aerial cable car or coming from Vitznau or Goldau via the cogwheel train going up to Mount Rigi or Rigi Kulm. Mount Rigi is a famous and popular mountain in Switzerland. It is even called the Queen of the Mountains in Switzerland.

So before you go up to Mount Rigi, virtually travel with me on a boat going to Weggis. Let us enjoy our boat ride while looking at the spectacular views of the villages along Lake Lucerne especially Weggis. Enjoy the ride!

The video clips were taken by Sofie Hofmann (www.sofiehofmann.com) on June 04, 2009 while riding a boat on Lake Lucerne coming from the city of Lucerne going to Weggis, Switzerland.