Boat on Lake Lucerne from Weggis Lakeside Pavilion Video

A boat on Lake Lucerne is a normal scene while lazing on the Lakeside Pavilion at the “Oberdorquai” in Weggis and enjoying the view of the alps, the two noses, and Mount Bürgenstock. That is just one of the boats among the many boats including the steam boats frequenting Lake Lucerne bringing the passengers from one destination to another, from Lucerne to Brunnen to Flülen and vice-versa.

If you have not been to Weggis yet and this website, you might also like to see what Weggis Lakeside Pavilion looks like especially during the Spring-Summer season.

The video clip was taken by Sofie Hofmann ( on June 04, 2009 from the Lakeside Pavilion in Weggis, Switzerland.