“Unterdorf” with the “Dancer” in Weggis in Spring Photos

“Unterdorf” is another nice area along the lake to hang out in Weggis. There are very few people hanging out in this place as the visitors would normally just pass by this area to take photos.

The atmosphere in “Unterdorf” is different from what we call “Dorf”, the activity center of the village with the Lakeside Pavilion.

The “Unterdorf” is home to the Dancer, the “Tänzerin”. The “Tänzerin von Rolf Brem” is a gift to the community of Weggis. It is located along Seestrasse (direction Hertenstein) before the All Saints’ Chapel, the “Allerheiligenkapelle”.

The photos of “Unterdorf” with the “Tänzerin” in Weggis in Spring were taken by Sofie Hofmann (www.sofiehofmann.com) between 5:49pm and 6:37pm on May 27, 2010.

Literally in English, “Dorf” means Village, “Unter” means Under, so “Unterdorf” means Under Village or say Lower Village because “Unterdorf” is lower than the “Dorf” with regard to the elevation area.