Weggis Boat Station in Spring Photos

If you would like to go Weggis, you can go to Weggis by car, by bus or by boat but not by train as there is no train station in Weggis. There are passenger boats from Lucerne to Weggis everyday. There are passenger buses from Kuessnacht am Rigi to Weggis and from Schwyz or Brunnen to Weggis.

It means that if you are taking the train from any point, you either get down in Kuessnacht am Rigi or Schwyz or Brunnen and take the bus going to Weggis.

The boat station is located along Seetrasse. The boat station is where the bus station too. The boat station is just a few meters away from Weggis Lakeside Pavilion.

You can check the boat schedule at www.lakelucerne.ch and the bus schedule at www.aags.ch.

The photos of Weggis Boat Station in Spring were taken by Sofie Hofmann (www.sofiehofmann.com) between 10:24am and 10:48am on May 25, 2010.