Weggis Lakeside Pavilion in Winter Photos

The Weggis Lakeside Pavilion or the Pavilion along the lake (Pavillon am See) is the venue for a variety of concerts, folklore and other shows in Weggis especially during Summer season. But during Winter season, the Lakeside Pavilion is rarely or probably not even being used for any occasion.

Lazing at the Pavilion along the lake or Pavillon am See in Weggis is always a delight during Summer but probably not during Winter.

But do you know that the Lakeside Pavilion and its surroundings actually look lovely during Winter when it has a lot of snow?

I have been wanting to take photos of the Lakeside Pavilion in Winter for quite some time already. I finally was able to do it on February 13, 2010, the day before Valentine’s Day.