The “Tänzerin von Rolf Brem” in Unterdorf Weggis in Spring-Summer Photos

The “Tänzerin von Rolf Brem” is a gift to the community of Weggis from Walter Huber-Wenker of Weggis dated July 22, 2003 as indicated on the tablet included at the concrete stand of the dancer. Rolf Brem’s Dancer is located along Seestrasse in Unterdorf, Weggis.

Rolf Brem is a Swiss sculptor, illustrator, and graphic artist from Meggen and Lucerne. Both villages are parts of the canton of Lucerne. Rolf Brem was born on February 12, 1926.

Visit Rolf Brem’s Website at in German language.

Read more about Rolf Brem at Wikipedia.

The photos of the “Tänzerin von Rolf Brem” in Weggis in Spring-Summer were taken by Sofie Hofmann ( between 1:49pm and 1:53pm on June 01, 2010.