Chalet Antique “Hinterhaus” Weggis in Spring Photos

There are a lot of old houses which are more than 200, 300, 400 years old in Weggis and one of them is Chalet Antique, the “Hinterhaus”.

Chalet Antique may not be a prime tourist attraction for others but I consider it one as it is definitely more than 200 years old having survived the landslide in 1795 which was considered as one of the worst catastrophes that happened in Weggis.

Chalet Antique is located along Gotthardstrasse in Weggis. Everybody who would go for a walk along this street will see this antique house.

Chalet Antique is one of the protected properties in Weggis, so it will remain the way it looks. Exterior renovation is not allowed. Interior renovation could be made but very minimal.

The community of Weggis owns this antique house and it is being rented out to those who would like to live in such a house.

As Chalet Antique is not a museum, you cannot enter this house and see its interior as it is being occupied by those who rented it. You will just have to see it from the street.

The photos of Chalet Antique and the views across Chalet Antique in Weggis in Spring were taken by Sofie Hofmann ( between 11:49am and 11:55am on May 25, 2010.