Weggis Highlights 2009

2009 Events in Weggis

Pre-Heirassa Festival Concerts in Weggis
January – May 2009
Different folk groups perform in different restaurants

Opening of the Annual Weggis Carnival
Chrutschlämpe Zunft Weggis
January 10, 2009, Saturday at 18:00
Mehrzweckhalle (Sigristhofstatt) Weggis
Traditional Annual “Weggiser Fasnacht” with carnival bands playing “Guggenmusik”

School Carnival
Schulfasnacht Weggis
February 13, 2009, Friday
Dorfplatz Weggis, Dorfzentrum Weggis
Schule (School) Weggis sporty carnival
“Guggenmusik” from the parents and the schoolchildren

Egli Ball 2009
Eglichutzler Weggis
February 14, 2009, Saturday at 19:00
Mehrzweckhalle (Sigristhofstatt) Weggis
Annual Carnival Ball with traditional local “Guggenmusik” carnival band performances
Entrance from 16 years of age

Carnival Party Narre-Nacht 2009
Chrutschlämpe Zunft Weggis, Rigi-Schränzer Weggis
February 20, 2009, Friday at 20:00
Mehrzweckhalle (Sigristhofstatt) Weggis
Mask and Costume Ball with live music
Entrance from 16 years of age

Carnival Festivities in Weggis
February 23, 2009, Monday at 05:30
Dorfplatz Weggis
The cannon wakes you up for the start of the festivities

Children’s Parade and Ball
Kinderumzug, Kinderball
February 23, 2009, Monday at 13:45
Mehrzweckhalle (Sigristhofstatt) Weggis
Children’s Parade will start at Cafe Dahinden followed by
Children’s Costume Ball at the Hall (Sigristhofstatt)

Music Summer Weggis
May – September 2009
High standard concerts performed by professional musicians

3rd Riviera Latina Festival
May 29 – 31, 2009, Friday to Sunday
Weggis Pavilion along the lake
South American delights, specialties, handicrafts, live music and entertainment

5th Heirassa Festival Weggis
June 12 – 14, 2009, Friday to Sunday
Swiss Folk Music especially the compositions of the late Weggiser composer Alois “Heirassa” Schilliger
More than 34 concerts in different venues

77th Weggis Rose Festival
July 03 – 05, 2009, Friday to Sunday
Dorfplatz, Weggis Pavilion along the lake
Fireworks Display, Live Entertainment, Selection of the Rose Queen, Bars and Funfair

Sir James Galway’s International Flute Masterclass
July 19 – 26, 2009, Sunday to Sunday
Bildungshaus Stella Matutina Weggis
Sir James Galway conducts the International Flute Masterclass

National Day Celebration
August 01, 2009, Saturday
Weggis Pavilion along the lake
Swiss National Day being traditionally celebrated in Weggis with local folklore performances

3rd Swiss Educational Festival
August 20 – 23, 2009, Thursday to Sunday
Seminar-Hotel Rigi in Weggis
Subject: Birth, Lectures on embryology, child birth, and post natal bonding

Alpine Procession, Cattle Show and Autumn Market
September 26, 2009, Saturday
Oberdorf, Seestrasse Weggis
Traditional products and handicrafts, Cattle show, Decorative procession of up to 200 cows

Chilbi Weggis
October 18, 2009, Sunday
Dorfplatz Weggis
Traditional Weggis Fair being held every year

Christmas Market Weggis
Weihnachtsmarkt Weggis
December 11 – 13, 2009, Friday to Sunday
Seestrasse, Lakeside Promenade
Wooden Christmas huts with local products and culinary delights from the region