Riviera Latina Festival 2008

Weggis will be having its 2nd Riviera Latina Festival Weggis for three (3) days from May 30-31, 2008 to June 01, 2008, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, to be held at the Weggis Pavilion along the lake. There will be food and drinks and you can buy them at the Latino food stalls. Entrance is free.

Riviera Latina Festival 2007

For more pictures, see Riviera Latina Festival Weggis Photos.

Schedule of Activities

May 30, 2008, Friday, 17:00 – 01:00 A.M.

19.00 Salsa Dance Show and Crash course with Salsa moves
21.00 Salsa Group “Pintón”

May 31, 2008, Saturday, 14:00 – 02:00 A.M.

14.30 Children animation
15.00 Concert Salsa Group “Pintón”
16.00 Folklore from Columbia with “Aquapanela”
17.00 Steel Band “Sirambas”
18.30 Concert Salsa Group “Pintón”
20.00 Salsa Dance Show and Crash course with Salsa moves
21.30 Orquesta Ocho y Media

June 01, 2008, Sunday, 11:00 – 17:00

11.00 Tango Matinee
14.00 Children animation
15.00 Folklore from Columbia with “Aquapanela”

For more information, visit Riviera Latina Festival Weggis Website in German language.