360° Weggis in Spring Video

It was March 21, 2007 when it snowed quite heavily in Switzerland. Well, not only in Switzerland since a lot of Switzerland’s neighboring countries had the same experience. Snow was all over.

Weggis in Spring, Winter in Spring – Weggis, Switzerland (Schweiz)

The video clips above were taken on March 21, 2007 at 11:35am and at 8:23pm from Hoechi area in Weggis, Switzerland.

Compare the video above to the video below how Weggis looked like on April 08, 2007. The video clip was taken from the Hilltop or “Hoechi” area in Weggis, Switzerland.

360° Weggis in Spring – “Hoechi” – Weggis, Switzerland (Schweiz)

Compare again the video above to the video taken in Summer August 18, 2006, Weggis 360° View Video.

Enjoy Weggis, Switzerland!

All video clips were recorded by Sofie Estolloso Hofmann of www.sofiehofmann.com.