Carnival Opening 2007 Photos

Weggis Carnival popularly known as “Weggiser Fasnacht” has began. Several “Guggenmusik” or Gugge music groups from different places in Central Switzerland came during the Carnival Opening or “Fasnachteröffnung” in Weggis on January 06, 2007.

Weggis Carnival Opening 2007 Gallery

Weggis Carnival 2007 Weggiser Fasnacht 2007

Weggis Carnival 2007
Weggis Carnival Opening January 06, 2007 Gallery
Weggiser Fasnachteröffnung January 06, 2007 Gallery

“Weggiser Fasnacht” is a tradition in Weggis since 1955 when “Chrutschlämpe-Zunft Weggis” was founded. The “Chrutschlämpe-Zunft Weggis” normally leads the carnival celebration.