Rose Queen 2006 Photos

The photos during the “Wahl der Rosenkönigin” are now online. View them at the Rosenfest 2006 Gallery 4. “Wahl der Rosenkönigin” is a unique kind of beauty contest in Weggis since 1926. It’s a tradition in Weggis that roses are being sold for the whole day during the Rose Festival just before the competition. The participants should have at least 20 roses or more inorder to qualify. At 11pm, after the fireworks, the ladies who received at least 20 roses or more will be introduced to the audience. They will simply walk on the stage and the host will interview them a little bit. There’s a panel of judges who will select 9 among the contestants, 8 Princesses and the Rose Queen. The Rose Queen and the Rose Princesses will be announced right away depending on how many joined the contest.

Weggis Rose Festival Rose Queen

Rose Queen 2006 and Rose Queen 2005

Weggis Rose Festival 2006
Rosenfest July 08, 2006 Gallery 4