According to the old chronicles the village was referred to as “Quatigiso”. In 800, King Ludwig I of France gave the village to the Kloster Pfäfers in Saint Gallen but the village was only mentioned for the first time in a document in 825 – 831. The village then belonged to the former Roman – German Land. In 1024 – 1094, at the Income Tax Registrar of the Pfäfers Monastery the village was called “Wattawis” with Celtic origin meaning “Ort der Fährleute”. In 1116, it was referred to “Guategiso or Guategisso”. But in the documents in 1275 – 76, the place was called “Wetgis” or “Waetgis”. Over the years, the name changed to Guategiso, Wetgis, Wäggis and finally Weggis. The name Weggis then originated from the word “Wattawis” which literally means “Place of Ferry People”. In 1332, Weggis joined the Swiss Federation but Weggis was only recognized and documented as an independent member of the Confederation in 1359.